Delana Bettoli - Paintings  

There's a reason they say “out” West. Things have a way of expanding here… sunsets banging into mountains, deserts blooming for miles in every direction, and a watery horizon changing hue in 12-minute increments. What inspiration I may have is filtered through these
shifting elements.

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Sorraia and Other Horse Latitudes
Arrival of the Ye'i
Night Flyers
For two years, I have turned my focus to a rare sub-species of horse... the primitive Sorraia. Their stripy legs and dun coats fascinate me.
Dun Coat Rainbow
Surviving the Ice Age
True Sailing is Dead
Eve's Mare
Dream Wave
I love painting the faces of women, sorting through their moods.
The "boat and wave" series is my first exploration of these quiet
struggles passing for dreams.
Apé Ahi
Brain Wave
Prayer Wave
Recurrent Dream
Painted Ladies
The Mermaid Bride
Hybiscus Girl
Spring Faerie
Summer Faerie
By the Stem
Graphic Arts
Stone Creek Café – Branding
Stone Creek Café – Web Frontispiece
Stone Creek Café – Window Sign
Silverton Fine Arts Festival
Silverton Wine & Jazz Festival
The Stunt Man (1980)
a film by Richard Rush
American Film Market
Los Angeles
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